One fan turns Red Dead Redemption 2 into a strategy game, and another makes you ride beasts

The first one changes the genre to strategy and resource management and the second one allows to mount huge beasts.

Recently, a user has shared his reinvention of Red Dead Redemption 2 as if it were an Age of Empires-style management and strategy game. The characters, landscapes, buildings and setting have been carefully represented under a distant camera and certain blurs. The work has been shared through his YouTube channel and soon the word has started spreading online.

Today, on the other hand, the leaked mod has been a bit different: now it will be possible to ride colossal wild boars and giant animals in general. The work in progress of JulioNIB, which had previously made its fixes in GTA V, has also caused anger among players. The intention is to roam nature uploaded on all kinds of beasts and still be elegant. Pig Rider will be available soon, but to get it done, a Patreon page has been created where you can finance it.

The world of mods does not stop growing and, beyond Red Dead Redemption 2, we recommend you take a look at the one in Fallout 4 that has managed to derive the game to a horror movie thanks to 4K or Skryim that manage to make it look like a new generation game. Also, of course, those of GTA V, which give an updated and spectacular touch to the video game.

Here we leave you the video that perfectly illustrates the creativity of the first mod and gives a different experience to the Rockstar video game. Also, some images of Pig Rider and the beasts that will be available soon.

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