The Last of Us 2 will be so big that it will be hard-to-find hidden secrets [VIDEO]

The team claims to have gone “too far” when designing their levels.

It is less than a month before the expected premiere of The Last of Us: Part II. It is the sequel to one of the most acclaimed PlayStation 4 video games and the most ambitious title that Naughty Dog has ever made. Recently, in the video Inside The Last of Us: Part II, the development team talked about the creative process of the game, revealing a very interesting fact.

It will be a linear and guided experience, as we already knew and have seen in other similar company titles (Uncharted 4). However, its sheer magnitude endows it with larger exploration areas filled with secondary content that we may never see, at least on a first round.

The game’s co-director Anthony Newman says they have gone so far in the open level design that “there are moments in the whole story, scenes with scripts, encounters and battles” that the player may never find. “And there are things that we believe that while a good portion of our players may never see them, the fact of discovering them leads to a charming and magical feeling that I think only happens in video games,” Newman said.

The new installment of The Last of Us is scheduled for June 19.

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