Halo 3: The Public PC Testing Is Starting Shortly

Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s PC version is expanding at an incredible rate – and the next title will be one that we haven’t experienced on PC yet.

343 Industries wasn’t joking when they said they’d like to bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection entirely over from the Xbox One to PC (and we suspect that an Xbox Series X patch will also happen…). Three games are already available (Halo ODST, Halo Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary), and the fourth one is essentially right around the corner, according to Tyler „Postums” Davis, the community coordinator of 343 Industries.

„Halo 3 is next up on the menu for coming to MCC (=Halo: The Master Chief Collection) on PC and we are already underway with early stages of flighting in Ring 1. Next week, we aim to get the completely paired down flight build into our partners’ hands, which is much sooner than usual. Our goal is to have the Halo 3 public flight kicked off in the first half of June. We can’t wait to get the community involved!”, he wrote on the Halo Waypoint forums.

Insider Ring 1 is the internal testing phase, and Insider Ring 2 is the phase where the partners who help 343 Industries receive the test builds. Insider Ring 3 in the flight (this is how the team calls testing) is where the community can get involved.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft did tell 343 Industries behind the scenes to get going to keep the attention on them, although this expansion might be a bit too fast. Halo Infinite, the series’ next instalment will be a launch title on the Xbox Series X this Holiday season, but the Xbox One and PC will also receive Master Chief’s next adventure.

Source: WCCFTech

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