All God of War ordered by duration, how many hours have we spent with Kratos?

We review the hours of play we have enjoyed with God of War: one of the most important franchises on PlayStation.

Since their first title released in 2005, God of War games have not been recognized for having very long adventures, although that’s not exactly a negative thing for a series that, concentrating on its frenetic gameplay and featuring highly cinematic adventures, has conquered the players and has become an important part of the contemporary history of the industry.

With this in mind, it is valid to ask ourselves how many hours we have spent with Kratos in all the games in the series. We have again used the How Long to Beat website to get a good approximation of the hours we have invested in these games. For more than a decade, the franchise has provided us with 5 home console games developed by Santa Monica Studio, 2 PSP games developed by Ready At Dawn and also a game for mobile devices.

If we use the calculator we know that putting together all the games in the saga we have an approximate of 74 hours, which is just over three full days, that without considering the extras that can be enjoyed in some of the titles and everything there is to do to complete them 100%. Next, we order the games in the series from longest to shortest, having interesting data such as that the most recent game in the series almost doubled the average number of hours of the rest of the games in the God of War saga. Is it that Santa Monica Studio is going to bet on such duration as the new standard for the future of the series?


  • God of War (2018)

History: 20½ hours; story + extras: 31½ hours; Completist: 51 hours


  • God of war II

History: 12 hours; story + extras: 12½ hours; Completist: 13½ hours


  • God of War III

History: 10 hours; story + extras: 11 hours; Completist: 17½ hours


  • God of War (2005)

History: 9 hours; story + extras: 9½ hours; Completist: 12½ hours


  • God of War: Ascension

History: 8½ hours; story + extras: 9½ hours; Completist: 13½ hours


  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta

History: 6½ hours; story + extras: 7 hours; Completist: 8½ hours


  • God of War: Chains of Olympus

History: 5½ hours; story + extras: 6 hours; Completist: 9 hours


  • God of War: Betrayal

History: 2 hours; story + extras: 2½ hours


To learn more about God of War you can review the review of the most recent instalment in the series here.

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