The creators of The Last of Us analyze the impact of one of the most famous scenes on video [VIDEO]

Game level designer Peter Field tells us what the giraffe scene represents.

While we wait for the imminent arrival of The Last of Us Part II, returning to the first instalment of the famous Naughty Dog franchise has been a frequent movement among the gaming community. The Last of Us left us with many memorable scenes that hide deeper secrets than we think.

Level designer Peter Field has explained some of these secrets in the new video he has posted on his YouTube channel. The scene itself is a small oasis of tranquillity that the player experiences in his fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. A few minutes of exploration and contemplation of the precious place that surrounds that desolate world in which the human being no longer dominates the Earth.

Field breaks down the emotional significance of this scene, calling it a “strain relief.” He also tells us the alternative ideas that the rest of the developers had, along with very interesting curiosities. One of them is that the baseball field where the giraffes are located is named after his wife, Bethany Claire Field .

The Last of Us Part II is coming to PlayStation 4 on June 19, that is, next week.

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