Halo Infinite: Is 343 Industries Taking A Cue From God Of War? [VIDEO]

Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica’s 2018 PlayStation 4-exclusive might be seeing one of its artistic ideas used by the next Halo title.

A Microsoft fanboy, Dealer said in the newest Real Deal Xbox podcast (which also seems to side with the Xbox brand) the following: „Halo Infinite has something in common with God of War, that we’ll point out after it’s revealed, that we’ve learned about recently that’s cool. Again, Halo Infinite is a juggernaut. All the stuff you’ve seen has been in-engine, no bullsh*t, 60fps, and that’s not even with ray tracing or anything. I can’t wait to see more on the game, considering we’ll be playing it sooner rather than later.”

He did not go into details, but we can expect new details in July; rumours already said that the first-party Xbox titles will be showcased then. However, another Microsoft insider, Klobrille, did. On the ResetEra forums, he said „bingo” to the possibility of Halo Infinite using a single-shot campaign, similar to God of War. We need to explain this: in SIE Santa Monica’s game, one camera was used throughout the game without any cuts. If you climbed, talked to Atreus, or just fought something, a single camera was used, zooming in and out if it was necessary.

Still, it’s bold if true. In a third-person perspective game, such as God of War, it’s easy to pull it off. However, Halo is a first-person perspective title. So we might either experience the scenes from that angle or the cross-gen game (Xbox Series X launch title, Xbox One, PC) will switch between TPP and FPP. The newest Halo Infinite trailer did have this approach, but there was also a cut.

Until then, Halo 3’s beta is going to be extended: „Just a heads up, but we are extending the flight out to the 26th. I have additional messages that will be going out regarding it later today. We are also planning to update the flight hopefully by end of this week to fix some bugs, but will have more info as we get there,” Tyler „Postums” Davis, 343 Industries’ community manager, wrote on Twitter. In a reply, he also confirmed that they want the flight to be played by more people. If you want to join, you can register here.

So Halo is slowly getting its foot set on PC, too.

Source: WCCFTech, GameSpot

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