New Rumors About The 2020 Batman Game

2020 – Has Bruce Wayne aka Batman been idle for too long? The desire to relight the Batsignal is stronger and stronger with every new rumour about the next game.

A long time he’s been talked about without showing himself, a long time the fans have heard things about him, but this time, the wait finally seems to be over. New rumours have appeared concerning the next instalment of the Dark Knight and if the official announcement could take place in August.


As some suggests, the Court of Owls might be the new main enemy of the vigilante in Batman 2020. A report from The GWW site, which cites as source a person who worked on the next Batman game in its early stages of development, that it indeed have been considered.


We learn that the Batman game was originally supposed to be released at the end of the year, but that the pandemic linked to COVID-19 came and crushed those plans. For the moment, it is impossible to be completely sure about this, but according to the last rumors, the game could finally be released only in 2021.


In parallel, we also discover that this new game could have several links tot he previous ones. As such, it would no longer be a complete reboot, but rather a semi-reboot. Former characters could therefore return for a ride to Gotham, if the rumor is true and the Batfamily will be playable .


The source indicates that many factions like the Gotham Police should have a real role in this new adventure, especially through a Nemesis-type system made popular by Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


The next Batman game is reportedly expected to release in 2021.

Source: Jeuxvideo

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