Greedfall’s parents announce Steelrising, a game about robots and the French Revolution

Steelrising is a promising RPG action game much more focused on combat and exploration.

It seems that the Spiders team has taken a liking to combine history with fantasy: if GreedFall did a remarkable job bringing colonialism to an RPG environment full of impossible monsters, now it’s the turn of his new video game, Steelrising. Its setting catches us with a trailer, but its managers have already given a few details about what awaits us in gameplay.

It is a reinterpretation of the French Revolution, which its creators present as follows: “King Louis XVI ‘s army of automata is terrorizing the citizens of Paris. Join the Revolution and change the course of history!” During the presentation of the game, yes, there have been a couple of additional brushstrokes that are not yet listed on the social networks of the program.

The first is that the protagonist is called Aegis, she is a female robot that can be seen briefly in the trailer and acts as a bodyguard for Queen Marie Antoinette. It also explains that while Steelrising is an action RPG like the ones the studio has previously signed on to, it will be much more focused on gameplay — rather than limiting ourselves to ground-level combat, we’ll have to climb through historic buildings, including some that don’t. They already exist in the real world and complete puzzles.

When fighting enemy forces, Aegis will use up to seven weapons integrated into his body, some of melee and others from a distance. There will also be missions with interesting rewards to pursue to improve our character.

On the launch, for now, we only know that it will come to new generation PCs and consoles (we understand that PS5 and Xbox Series X, without clues about Stadia) under the seal of the publisher Nacon (Styx: Master of Shadows). It is unclear when we will know more about the game, but its managers have enabled a web page with optional email subscription.

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