World of Warcraft Shadowlands Sets Beta Date [VIDEO]

The expansion of the popular Blizzard MMORPG will not come until autumn – as planned, Blizzard has hosted a live stream this week to talk about World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the 2020 expansion of its popular MMORPG.

In the video we have seen interesting details such as the progression of the Covenant or good news such as the elimination of the keys to enter Torghast, the new random dungeon in the rogue-like style. But Ion Hazzikostas and his team have also given details about the game’s release.



Do we already have a date for the final version? No, and no doubt there were many fans waiting for that information; but at least we can organize our beta schedule. This beta version will be available next week, and it will show a (small) part of the content that we will see in the full game as we bring our characters to level 60. Blizzard will send many new invitations to the players enrolled in the list waiting, so sign up now from the official website if you have not already done so and want to participate.


Another important announcement is the Collector’s Edition, which traditionally accompanies each new WoW expansion. The Californian studio assures that for this occasion it has compiled the most popular products among fans for this pack: it will include a key to redeem for Shadowlands Epic Edition, another to unlock the soundtrack, four pins with the symbols of the Covenants, a thematic mat, and a hardcover art book. The set is priced at 119.99 euros and stores will start listing it this week.


As a reminder, the Epic Edition of the World of Warcraft expansion will include a 30-day subscription, an instant level up to prepare your character for all events in the expansion, as well as a mount, pet, Transmog set, weapon enchantment, and effect for the hearth — cosmetics to transform our character into an interdimensional traveler.

Shadowlands will arrive at some point to be determined at fall.

Source: 3DJuegos

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