Killing Floor 2 Is Free!

If Tripwire Interactive‘s game is not to your liking, two other games can be picked up now for free.

Killing Floor 2 is mostly the best with friends: the European zombie invasion (sorry, that’s not the proper term – they are called Zeds, our bad…) can be defeated in waves in this FPS, which has been available as early as 2015 in Early Access. Since then, the developers continued to expand it with events, maps, enemies, and weapons.

On Steam, it still has a respectable player base, but since then, Epic Games Store has shown up next to Gabe Newell’s digital game store. And yes, the Epic Games Store’s freebies include Killing Floor 2 for the week. If you want to invite your Steam friends for a match, you can do so, as crossplay between the two PC storefronts is supported. (That’s honourable.)

The second freebie is Lifeless Planet. It’s an exploration adventure game, where a team of astronauts crashlanded on a distant planet, and to their surprise, they found a small Russian town. It does resemble the Golden Age of sci-fi novels. The third game is The Escapists 2, which – going by the name – asks you do the task of getting out of the toughest prisons around the world. It was meant to be a freebie previously on Tim Sweeney’s store, but it didn’t happen – better late than never.

The three freebies are available until July 16 on the Epic Games Store. You need the usual things (the Epic Games account and the Epic Games Launcher) to play these games. And we already know the next freebie: it’s going to be Runic’s action-RPG, Torchlight II. In case you missed it, you can get it now.

And, as always, let’s end with the usual outro: have fun.

Source: PCGamer

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