Kojima jokes: “If I were a prophet Death Stranding would have sold more!”

Metal Gear’s father, Hideo Kojima claims that his latest game, Death Stranding did not predict the pandemic and that he’s not a prophet.


Hideo Kojima, father of the Metal Gear saga, has been called numerous times a person with a fairly advanced vision. His latest work, Death Stranding, is about a world devastated by a catastrophe that forces people to remain isolated, resulting in a fragmented society that avoids physical contact.



Death Stranding has been closely compared to the quarantine situation we have been in since the start of 2020 because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). During the Summer Game Fest, Kojima has been discussing his latest creation with his studio, Kojima Productions, and its PC release.



During his talk with Geoff Keighley, the Japanese creative said that his game did not predict the pandemic and that he is not a prophet. What’s more, if it were, Kojima believes he would have been able to make a better selling video game than Death Stranding.


The latest from Kojima celebrates its arrival on PC with great promotions, such as the one with NVIDIA, which gives away a digital copy of the game for the purchase of its graphics cards while supplies last (and for a limited time).


Death Stranding has been available on PlayStation 4 since November last year, while the PC version is expected to be released tomorrow, July 14th.

Source: 3DJuegos

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