Microsoft Flight Simulator Presents New Trailer [VIDEO]

The Asobo Studio simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on PC from the first day on Xbox Game Pass, coming august 18th.



Aviation lovers can already mark August 18 in their calendar, for it will be on that date when Microsoft Flight Simulator reaches PC stores. The new installment of the veteran simulation franchise has presented a trailer and detailed the three editions with which it will go on sale, although it will also come to Xbox Game Pass.



Is it the most realistic and authentic flight simulator to date?

“We are very honored and excited by the support and dedication that the Flight Sim community has given us for 38 years. Since the launch of the first Microsoft Flight Simulator title in 1982, we knew we were at the right time to develop the next generation of Flight Simulator. We have the right tools, technology, partners and hardware to launch the most realistic and authentic flight simulator to date,” says Jorg Neumann, director of the video game.





The game will go on sale in three editions each with different content: the Standard – available on Xbox Game Pass and independently at a purchase price of 69.99 euros -, which includes 20 highly detailed aircraft with unique flight models and 30 airports made by hand; the Deluxe version – at a purchase price of 89.99 euros -, with all of the above plus five additional planes and international airports; and, finally, the Premium Deluxe – at a purchase price of 119.99 euros – with all the basics plus 10 other extra planes and international airports.



Neumann explains that, regardless of which version is chosen, you will have access to all the content updates that are made.



Although it has also been announced for Xbox One, it is not known when the simulator will arrive on the console. One thing’s for sure: Asobo Studio announced a closed beta for July 30 with which they can do the final touches on the game.

Source: 3DJuegos

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