DualSense: What Does Geoff Keighley Think About It? [VIDEO]

Yesterday – as we wrote about it – Geoff Keighley did stream his opinion and experience with the next-gen PlayStation controller.

The DualSense is going to be a more significant change from the DualShock 4 than the Xbox Series X – Xbox One change. The lightbar has been repositioned to either side of the touchpad, and the Share button has been renamed to Create. The controller can be charged via a USB-C port, and if you don’t want to use a 3.5 mm jack for a headset/microphone, you can use the DualSense’s built-in speaker or mic. Instead of using standard rumble motors, the controller has voice coil actuators for haptic feedback.

„As you push down on the controller, there’s tension in the Adaptive triggers and it’s programmable. Imagine pulling this down and feeling the pressure of a bow and arrow. Or in an action game, pulling this [trigger] down and feeling active reload points. Designers can create tension points as you pull [the trigger] down at certain percentages and give the player feedback. That’s a unique sensation that’s going to have a big impact in the longer term on gameplay. PlayStation had rumble for quite some time but the haptics add another layer to the experience. It isn’t just one rumble point so it’s not just on or off. There’s the ability to create other sensations.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that the speaker in the DualSense feels like it has much more range as the PlayStation 4 speaker and it often ties directly into what’s happening with the haptics. At least in Astro’s Playroom, there’s much more variety in the types of sounds. I’m sure every game will use it differently or not so much. At least in this demo, you do sense that a lot is going on with the haptics and there’s sound that ties into it. When you combine that with the Tempest 3D engine in PlayStation 5 for the speakers and get harmony between the controller sound and what’s happening in the PlayStation 5 is unique and interesting. Compared to the DualShock for PlayStation 4, it weighs a little bit more but doesn’t feel substantially heavier. If anything, it has a little bit more heft to it in a good way. It feels more structured and centred. It feels good to me,” Keighley said in the video below.

The DualSense, similarly to the PlayStation 5, will launch this Holiday season (November?). Sony said that they will alert us before the pre-orders go live.

Source: WCCFTech

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