PlayStation 5: Limited Pre-Ordering?

Sony wants to hold back the scalpers somewhat to not see them gain monetary benefits by reselling the PlayStation 5 in case of scarce accessibility.

A Reddit user analysed the source code of the PlayStation Direct website. It has the following error message: „You can only purchase one version of the PlayStation 5 Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PlayStation 5 console to your cart.” The source code also revealed that there will be a PlayStation 5-compatible label for PlayStation 4 products. We say products for a reason: we have yet to see if it will be used on games or just accessories. If it’s also planned to be used for games, it could potentially mean that there will only be a limited number of PlayStation 4 games that will be supported when the PlayStation 5 launches.

It’s reasonable why Sony is planning this: within the PlayStation family, on the PS2 managed to outsell the PlayStation 4, so the new console pair will have a lot of interest. It’s underlined by what we previously reported: Sony has increased the production requirements to have 10 million units for the next few months after the launch instead of 5-6. There could still be out of stock problems here and there, and if Sony prices the consoles right, then they might sell out fairly quickly. The fact of limiting the sale to one console per customer is to fight against the scalpers who could still use family members to stock up on the consoles, only to resell them for ridiculous profit, as previously seen with the NES Classic and the SNES Classic consoles.

The PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will launch this Holiday season, possibly on a Friday in November. The release date and the pricing is not announced yet. Sony would do a trolling move if they revealed this information during the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal to have attention taken away from Microsoft.

Source: WCCFTech

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