Kojima Has Found The Ideal Actor For The Role Of Solid Snake

According to Hideo Kojima, an actor from “The Old Guard” should play video game icon Solid Snake in the movie version of Metal Gear Solid.


Work on the MGS movie is said to be underway, and Hideo Kojima believes he has already found the ideal actor for the most important role: he thinks Luca Marinelli is a spitting image of Solid Snake!


Who knows if we’ll ever see the Metal Gear Solid series adapted for cinema, anyway, Hideo Kojima, the author of Metal Gear, has already looked someone up for the role. According to the Master, Luca Marinelli would be a perfect choice for Snake if the film were ever made. Solid Snake has been the most important character in the series since the very first Metal Gear was released on the MSX system in 1987, around whose drama the complete series was built.

The first Metal Gear later made the legendary hero known worldwide with its NES port, who has remained the center of the series’ world ever since. With Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation in 1998, the character got a truly unique look and character voice, further deepening his personality, apparently drawing inspiration from Kurt Russel’s Snake Plissken, who was the hero of Escape from New York.


Since Russel is now more suited to the role of Santa Claus, he may not be the most ideal for the lead role in the Metal Gear Solid film allegedly being made at Sony Pictures. With no announced cast yet for the planned adaptation, fans themselves have begun to speculate about a possible movie Snake actor. There was already talk of Oscar Isaac, who’s agreeing with the fans, expressing his interest in the role: he would love to play Solid Snake! However, if you were to ask the creator of the game’s world, he imagined someone completely different for his hero after seeing Luca Marinelli in several films that he really liked.


The creator shared his opinion straight on his own Instagram account regarding the question of who should play the character, noting that Marinelli would be perfect for the role of the agent:


“There are many actors that I follow. Luca Marinelli recently caught my eye after watching The Old Guard and Martin Eden. He played an impressive villain in They Call Me Jeeg Robot, but I think that he will break out soon, and his popularity will increase. Also, I think if he donned a bandana, he’d be a spitting image of Solid Snake!”


It didn’t take long for the people of the internet to pick up Kojima’s idea, and a fan art was made showing Marinelli in the role. Popular image-editing artist BossLogic has also put together a fictional poster for the Metal Gear Solid film, making us understand what Kojima sees in Luca Marinelli. „Wanted to quickly see what Hideo Kojima saw. He knows how to pick’em,” – writes BossLogic in the caption. You can also see the fan art for yourself in the Instagram post below:



A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon


Wanted to quickly see what @hideo_kojima saw. He knows how to pick’em ??

Bosslogic (@bosslogic) által megosztott bejegyzés,

He is not the first actor Kojima recommended for the role of Solid Snake. The film adaptation of the game has been in development hell for years now. First announced in 2006 that a film was being made based on Metal Gear Solid, Kojima then said Hugh Jackman would be appropriate for the role.

Over the years, the project has, unfortunately, froze, with plenty of potential writers and directors coming and going. According to the latest news, Sony is making the film with Jordan Vogt-Roberts in the director’s chair. In December 2019, Vogt-Roberts said they already had a script ready, the film was being made. This news was shared directly by Hideo Kojima on his Instagram.


Source: Movieweb

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