Craig Mazin reassures fans: The Last of Us series will be faithful to the Naughty Dog video game

MOVIE NEWS – The Chernobyl director, however, jokes about moving to a bunker when the HBO adaptation premieres.

Craig Mazin, director of the critically acclaimed Chernobyl and long-awaited HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, has commented in a recent interview that fans of the Naughty Dog play have nothing to fear about the project, ensuring that his intention and that of his team is not to turn history or anything like that.

“In this case, I am working with its creator [referring to Neil Druckmann]. The changes we are making are designed to expand it, fill in gaps. It is not about undoing anything, but about improving it, ” said the American screenwriter and film director. in a chat with the BBC transcribed by AltChar. Is Mazin afraid of the fans’ reaction to the project? “I’m a little scared because the emotions of the followers of this video game are rather intense … I still have to go hide in a bunker for a while, because you can’t make everyone happy,” the director also joked.

These words come at a time of great aggressiveness on social networks by certain user groups discontented by some narrative decisions in The Last of Us: Part II, resulting in serious threats to Neil Druckmann and actors involved in the project, as well as an important review bombing, something that Craig Mazin seems to know first hand in light of these latest statements.

“The fun in a story like The Last of Us is in its length. It is in the journey and how the relationship [of the characters] develops over low heat. Our objective is that you start watching the show and comment “This is not violating anything I loved and lived in the video game, but it has also provided me with a lot of new things that I did not know,” added Craig Mazin.

In this way, a faithful adaptation of the original material can be expected, especially considering that Neil Druckmann is on board the project, which will seek to expand the story in a respectful way, but for which no details have been given at the moment.

Neither HBO nor Sony has yet confirmed filming dates for this new adaptation of a Naughty Dog play. Recall that the production of Uncharted, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, is expected for these weeks . As for The Last of Us, it is unknown who will be the actors in charge of giving life to their main roles, although for Joel there is already a favorite among readers.

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