A Doctor’s Analysis Of The Last Of Us Part II’s Most Violent Scenes [VIDEO]

A doctor’s opinion of Naughty Dog‘s game.

The Gamology YouTube channel uses a different aspect to talk about the games. They ask professionals to talk about them regarding something they are experienced in. They have done so last week, too. The Last of Us Part II was commented on by a doctor. Dr Wagner is an emergency physician. He reviewed the brutal scenes of Naughty Dog’s game.

In the nearly fourteen minutes long video, Dr Wagner talked about how real the injuries were in the cutscenes that the characters received. Then, he also talked about whether the injuries would be the same in real life or not. He says Naughty Dog has performed nicely in this aspect (an example would be where Abby uses a golf club, but no more details will be mentioned in case someone planned to acquire the game but has not done so yet, so only watch the video at your risk to get the obligatory warning out of the way…). He added that some of the bleedings seem exaggerated. That is possibly due to the shock factor that the developers wanted to achieve.

Dr Wagner also analyses some traumatic scenes. He also discusses a scene that happens to Ellie later in the game. The emergency physician says that the details are done nicely, and it might be a good idea to keep track of his reactions throughout the video.

The Last of Us Part II launched on June 19, exclusively on PlayStation 4. It’s probably going to get a PlayStation 5 version. Sony is just hiding it. Just like how they did it with the first game in 2013. Naughty Dog is possibly lying about the game not getting multiplayer. Factions showed up in alleged leaks before.

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