Robert Pattinson Revealed The Title Of His Favorite Game

MOVIE NEWS – The star of Tenet and the new Batman, Robert Pattinson is also known as a big gamer, and not just any game is his favourite…


Robert Pattinson is in the news lately. Last weekend, at the DC FanDome event, we saw the first trailer for The Batman, where the actor will play the popular superhero. The two next video games based on the comic book hero’s universe were also presented at this event: Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

The actor, who many doubt to play the Dark Knight, is currently promoting Tenet, the latest film directed by British Cristopher Nolan, responsible for films such as Inception or Interstellar.

In an interview with the Gamespot portal, Pattinson was asked a question in the world of video games, one of the hobbies that the next Batman has. On more than one occasion he has declared himself a fan of the Final Fantasy saga and when asked which is his favourite from the Square Enix saga, this was his answer.

In the cut you have on these lines, he states that his favourite is Final Fantasy VII. He also says in the clip that probably one of the moments in his life in which he has cried the most was the death of Aerith, an iconic moment in the video game industry. And in Pattinson’s life.

We do not know if Pattinson has tried Final Fantasy VII Remake, in which certain changes are introduced in the concept of the work, which is now divided by chapters.

You can take a look at our review.

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