New details on Ghost of Tsushima Legends with a first look at its demons and creatures

Sucker Punch‘s game art book offers a sneak peek at this multiplayer mode coming in the fall.

It’s been two months since the premiere of Ghost of Tsushima , but the samurai adventure open world still has some unfinished plans ahead of the remainder of 2020. Announced in August, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a multiplayer cooperative that It will debut this fall as a free update on the Sucker Punch title . A mode that now transcends some new details thanks to the recent art book of the game.

As reported by IGN, and thanks to those fans and youtubers who have already received it, the Ghost of Tsushima art book reveals some details about this cooperative proposal that will feature demons and creatures from Japanese folklore . Thus, in Legends a new character will appear known as the ” Storyteller “, who would become the storyteller in our language, worth the redundancy. A masked traveler who “sees everything and knows everything”, and who “weaves his stories” into this most fantasy universe.

For their part, the Legends scenarios are described as dreamlike environments, with “qualities more like a dream”, which will use “more exaggerated elements and a different color palette ” from the base game and inspired by the engravings. traditional wooden. Finally, the TheSushiSquire video above offers a look at some of the new enemies and bosses in this mode. Deformed creatures and imposing demons, as traditional stories dictate, that seem more typical of a game like Sekiro than this Ghost of Tsushima, and they surely put up a lot of war.

There is also a look at the concept art of the menus in this expansion , with a minimalist design in line with the rest of the game, and character, crafting and “feats” options, which already point to some of the functions of this multiplayer . Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will be available in Fall 2020, and it has been confirmed that it will not feature micropayments of any kind. Until then, and if you have not yet dared with the game, this is our analysis of Ghost of Tsushima.

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