Apple Allows Game Streaming, But Microsoft Is Now Fond Of Their Approach

Apple and Microsoft have already crossed lines over the Epic Games lawsuits… and it means the xCloud’s iOS presence might be limited.

Let’s start from the beginning: Apple updated its App Store guidelines before the arrival of iOS 14. The rules say the following: „You may offer a single subscription that is shared across your apps and services. Games offered in a streaming game service subscription must be downloaded directly from the App Store, must be designed to avoid duplicate payment by a subscriber, and should not disadvantage non-subscriber customers.”

Previously, Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud weren’t able to fully launch on the App Store, as their apps were rejected by Apple for violating its guidelines by allowing users to play games in-app that hadn’t passed its review process. Facebook’s Gaming app also had similar issues, but it launched without its Instant Games. Apple still asks the games to pass its review process, and the games still have to be downloaded one by one from the App Store to be streamed.

In August, Microsoft told WindowsCentral its concerns: „Apple stands alone as the only general-purpose platform to deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, and it consistently treats gaming apps differently, applying more lenient rules to non-gaming apps even when they include interactive content. All games available in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue are rated for content by independent industry rating bodies such as the ESRB and regional equivalents. We are committed to finding a path to bring cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to the iOS platform. We believe that the customer should be at the heart of the gaming experience and gamers tell us they want to play, connect and share anywhere, no matter where they are. We agree.”

And now, they sent a statement to The Verge, still being worried about Apple’s rules, treating games differently than other entertainment forms: „This remains a bad experience for customers. Gamers want to jump directly into a game from their curated catalogue within one app just like they do with movies or songs, and not be forced to download over 100 apps to play individual games from the cloud. We’re committed to putting gamers at the centre of everything we do, and providing a great experience is core to that mission.”

Microsoft is right in the way that you shouldn’t be forced to download extra apps just to stream a game. There might be a lawsuit between the companies over the issue…

Source: Gamesindustry

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