Twin Mirror, from the creators of Life, is Strange and Tell me Why has a release date and a new trailer

Dontnod has confirmed that his new video game with touches to the Fahrenheit will arrive in December.

Since Dontnod they are having a busy year. Having recently released the three Tell Me Why episodes, they have just released a new trailer that serves to announce the final release date for their next project. Twin Mirror will be available from December 1 on PS4, Xbox One and PC through the Epic Games Store. At the same time, its managers indicate that it is now possible to reserve.

It is the first self-published project by Dontnod, and offers a style similar to that of other games from the studio, such as Life is Strange or the aforementioned Tell me Why. Mystery and deep narrative prevail in an adventure starring Sam Higgs, who returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend, but soon discovers that the city hides many secrets.

Taking advantage of his abilities as a former investigative journalist, Sam must solve the many mysteries he encounters while dealing with his past. An adventure in which you will have to search for the truth, although to do so you have to distrust practically everyone, including your loved ones. Not even from himself, since the starting point of the story starts at his hotel, where he wakes up with a bloody shirt and not knowing what happened the night before.

In the trailer that has been published on the occasion of the release date, you can see that Sam will have to investigate the scenarios, being able to go back in time to reconstruct the events or speak with passers-by in the area to determine what happened. If you want to know more details, in this article we tell you all about Twin Mirror.

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