Why did Gods & Monsters become Immortals Fenyx Rising? It was Monster Energy’s fault

The beverage company opposed the registration of the trademark in documents that are now coming to light.

After its announcement in June 2019, Immortals Fenyx Rising was one of the main protagonists of a Ubisoft Forward loaded with news, confirming its release date with new gameplay. But his name was not always this. Until just a month ago, the Ubisoft game was known as Gods and Monsters, a title with a lot of charisma, which was replaced by a creative decision … Or not. As reported in Tech Raptor (via Eurogamer ), the change is due to a dispute with Monster Energy.

Those who know this energy drink will already know that your company does not like anything that has the words ‘Monster’ or ‘Beast’ in the title, or anyone that uses three “tears” in its logo, which is why it took to the court to the Toronto Raptors. But back to Immortals, and according to the aforementioned media, it seems that in April 2020, after Ubisoft began the registration of the brand ‘Gods & Monsters’ to the official US agencies, the beverage company opposed the name, presenting their cause to the institutions.

The process is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and you can consult it from this link if you wish. Regarding the motives, Monster argued that the use of that word could lead to confusion among users, given that its brand has a presence in the world of video games. Presence as merchandising and with the sponsorship of events, as well as games like Monster Energy Supercross, and its curious collaboration with Death Stranding. That is why they defended that the registration of ‘Gods & Monsters’ would be detrimental to their brand.

Of course, Ubisoft argued that there was no possible confusion between their brands, and also pointing to numerous cases where other brands have used the word ‘Monster’ without issue. But in light of the change, it appears they opted for the simpler decision: change their name before extending the legal battle with an upcoming release. In this, the game will be available on December 3 on all platforms, and in 3DJuegos we have already tested it, where we tell you everything there is to know about it in our impressions of Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

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