After the failed attempt with Silent Hills, Junji Ito states that he would like to work with Hideo Kojima again

The Japanese horror master admits that he is not a huge fan of video games.

A few hours before the PS5 event there is a game that is playing loudly. Silent Hill has become a trending topic due to the desire that users have for a new instalment of the saga to be announced. Especially after the failed attempt that resulted in Silent Hills, a project that ended up being cancelled due to the disagreements between Hideo Kojima, creator of the work, and Konami, owner of the brand.

For the project, Kojima had familiar faces such as Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro or Junji Ito, the Japanese master of terror. Precisely, Ito has granted an interview to the Polygon portal, where he confesses that he would not mind working with the father of the Metal Gear saga if the opportunity arises.

In the interview, Ito claims that he wasn’t able to dedicate much time to Silent Hills, as Kojima contacted him in the early stages and the project was cancelled before he got too involved. He also confesses that he is not “very familiar with video games” and that “he had never played Silent Hill”. The cartoonist asserts that although the project could not be carried out, he would be “happy to contribute as much as he can” if Kojima calls him again.

A few weeks ago, Ito was in the news because he claimed that he was not working with Hideo Kojima on a new horror game, and now he reopens a door for which, at the moment, there is nothing official. Kojima’s latest work is Death Stranding, which was released on PS4 at the end of the year and arrived on PC this past summer.

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