Metroid Prime 4 will be “more emotional and cinematic” according to a job offer

In the absence of information, Retro Studios job postings give clues about the adventure.

Along with Bayonetta 3, the development of Metroid Prime 4 seems almost an urban legend. Those are two of the most anticipated games on Nintendo Switch, but months go by and we hardly know anything about either of the two projects. Especially surprising is the case of the adventures of Samus Aran, who have even undergone a restart in their development, putting Retro Studios at the forefront of the brand.

But, since the teaser for the ad was shown at E3 2017, we have not seen anything but the logo of the new adventures of the popular bounty hunter. The only thing that has been known about the game has been through Retro Studios job offers. If a few months ago an offer for the chief producer was postulated, now, the new job options in the company give some clues about the adventure.

Now, a job offer from Retro Studios in which they are looking for staff for the storyboard of the adventure, reveals clues in the job description of where the setting of the new adventure will go. They emphasize that whoever applies to the position has gifts that help to “maintain the cinematographic pillars” of the game, at the same time that they are capable of “defining emotional scenes that fall among the public and that elevate the narrative.

Some details that would reveal the more cinematic tints of the game, as well as the greater interest in an emotional narrative that leaves its mark; perhaps delving into Samus Aran’s concerns. But until they come out from Retro Studios with official confirmations, they are nothing more than conjecture. Metroid Prime 4 is still the great absent in every Nintendo Direct or every event of the Japanese company.

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