Batman? Superman? Another IP? Warner Bros Montreal seeks staff for a new game to be announced

A job offer has started the hint about a new game set in the DC universe.

After many years of waiting, the two new games based on the DC universe were confirmed last August. On the one hand, Rocksteady , creators of the Batman Arkham saga, are working on the development of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League , a crazy proposal with the villains of the factory as protagonists. On the other hand, Warner Bros. Montreal presented Gotham Knights , an adventure that can be played alone or in cooperative with another ally, choosing between Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl.

But the latest information suggests that there could be more games based on the DC universe on the way. Again, the clue comes back from a job offer from Warner Bros. Montreal, in which they are looking for a senior programmer to work on the animations. The funny thing is that, in the text, they speak of a “new IP for a triple A title” . This fully opens up the possibility that they are working on a different project than Gotham Knights.

From Warner Bros. Montreal they have not expressed themselves in this regard, so this information must be taken with caution. Of course, the job offer is from this week and they talk about a “new IP”, which shows a second unknown project for the moment . Nor are there any references to what it could be about. Although all eyes are on Batman again, especially after seeing that the Dark Knight has been relegated to the limelight in the two new projects . But there is no certainty that the game is going to be about the Crusader in the Cloak or any other character in the DC universe.

While waiting for this matter to be further clarified, now there is only room to place bets on what the new Warner Bros. project could be . Montreal could deal with a supposed new project on the character. Until it’s real, what we do know is that Gotham Knights is coming in 2021.

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