Uncharted Could Be Set In Africa

MOVIE NEWS – Although Sony hasn’t shown much of Uncharted‘s cinematic adaptation yet, a few details slowly get out to the public.

The film adaptation of Uncharted couldn’t get off the start line for about a decade, but the cinematic approach to Naughty Dog’s IP (as it’s going to be a new story, not taking the plot of any of the four main games – we do not consider the PlayStation Vita title as a main entry in the series) is now in good hands. Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming, for example) and the director (Ruben Fleischer after many others before him…) are fixed elements in the project.

The Uncharted film is going to be an origin story, featuring a young Nathan Drake (so he’s not going to be as old as in the games), which was previously showcased by the actor himself. Unfortunately, Sony is far less talkative, as they haven’t even provided a film trailer yet, but at least the official Twitter account of the Uncharted movie released four images of the upcoming film.

There is a small golden cross is a secret key that Drake will presumably use on his journey, as well as an unknown location with a giant crate, plus we see a statue of someone on horseback with a shield, and the fourth image displays the world map with Africa seemingly in the centre. The shield seems to resemble the cross that is the key, and we also recall a jewelled golden cross, which was in the first Uncharted game back on the PS3. The horseback statue might display Francis Drake. Nathan followed his trail to find El Dorado.

We might see a trailer shortly if the post-processing work is nearing completion (as shooting the scenes is not enough). The film will debut on July 16, but the coronavirus situation might change the plans.

Source: Screenrant

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