Xbox Series: Microsoft Will Have More Units With AMD’s Help

The Redmond-based company will use AMD‘s help to have more Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S units for the customers.

The new consoles (all of them!) have a shortage (and in Sony’s case, their solution was effectively kill the PlayStation 4 EXCEPT the 500 GB PlayStation 4 Slim in black!), and both Sony and Microsoft are working on having more stock of the consoles so that they can sell them to us. Previously, Microsoft forecasted that they will have enough Xbox Series units by April, and now, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said on Major Nelson‘s podcast (that we already quoted yesterday, regarding Bethesda) that they have a solution.

„I get some people [asking], “Why didn’t you build more? Why didn’t you start earlier? Why didn’t you ship them earlier?” All of those things. […] It’s just down to physics and engineering. We’re not holding them back, we’re building them as fast as we can. We have all the assembly lines going. I was on the phone last week with Lisa Su at AMD [asking], “How do we get more?” So, it’s something that we’re constantly working on.

But it’s not just us: gaming has come into its own in 2020. [The] PlayStation 5 is in very tight supply. When you look at the graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA…there’s just a lot of interest in gaming right now and console sales are just a sign of that, game sales are a sign of that and hardware is in short supply. But we’re working as hard as we can. The teams are incredibly dedicated, and I appreciate people’s patience as we work to build more,” Spencer said.

Notice how he didn’t mention anything about killing the Xbox One (Xbox One S, Xbox One X). Their approach is different than Sony’s, who seem to force people to upgrade with their move.

Source: WCCFTech

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