Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic: Is The Developer Found?

The „not household name” studio might have been found – they may be developing the new Knights of the Old Republic title… or a remake of the first two.

On Twitter, MauroNL3, looked into the recently surfaced and discussed rumours regarding Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, finding that Aspyr Media has brought in ex BioWare Austin staff who developed Star Wars: The Old Republic and the original Star Wars? Knights of the Old Republic game. (Remember that the sequel was handled by Obisidian Entertainment!)

They have several job listings on their website, and they claim that Aspyr Media is working on a „AAA Role-Playing Game in Unreal Engine 4” with „interactive conversations and narrative-driven cinematic content.” The level designer positions require assistance in „quest scripting, quest content and level design.” A combat designer will need to „create engaging encounters in a rich and immersive world” and define „combat roles and crafting AI behaviours, to build interesting enemies and bosses.” These sound like something for KOTOR, right? Even if they don’t directly reference Star Wars.

However, keep in mind that Aspyr Media was previously responsible for porting both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games to iOS and Android… and they also brought Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, not to mention their port work of Star Wars Episode 1: Racer to these two platforms. So they are suspicious.

It’s not official yet, though. It’s possibly another announcement that will be handled by LucasFilm Games later this year. This company was recently revived and they have announced some surprising projects out of the box. (Ubisoft & Massive – Star Wars RPG, Bethesda & MachineGames – Indiana Jones title.)

Source: PSU

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