Sony Files Patent For A Wi-Fi Controller: Is It For The New PlayStation VR?

We don’t see much of a reason for the DualSense controller to use the technology, but when it comes to the PlayStation VR, it could make sense.

Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent in 2019 at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), which was published this week. The patent is for a controller that would have both a Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi transceiver. Here’s the abstract for it:

„As recognized herein, with the growing sophistication of computer simulations such as computer games, players have become increasingly demanding of performance, one index of which is the latency between gamer input and the resulting action on the screen. As also understood herein, particularly in the case of wireless controllers there is little that can be done to address latency issues with a wireless link during play. There are currently no adequate solutions to the foregoing computer-related, technological problem.

A computer simulation controller includes plural controls, at least one Bluetooth transceiver configured for transmitting wireless signals responsive to operation of at least one of the controls, and at least one transceiver configured for transmitting wireless signals responsive to operation of at least one of the controls,” the patent claims.

We suspect the PlayStation VR’s new model behind it. For example, the PlayStation Move controller could use the patent. While we have the VR headset on our head, we won’t be able to have a clear line between the controller and the device that receives the signals. In that case, switching to Wi-Fi would be a good backup idea, as we wouldn’t have lost inputs, which would improve the game experience. This is why we doubt that a new DualSense model could utilize this patent in the future.

Not all patents end up being used, but if Sony uses this one, it would make sense, even though it would increase the costs (an extra piece of equipment will increase the manufacturing costs at the very least…).

Source: PSL

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