Is Halo: The Master Chief Collection Coming To Another Platform?

343 Industries is hinting that the collection that contains all the Halo games launched before Halo Infinite will show up elsewhere. But where?

Halo Waypoint reveals that the studio is suggesting Halo: The Master Chief Collection is getting „a new place and way to play.” The studio, which took over Halo’s reigns from Bungie in 2010 (they have sinced moved on to work on Destiny) is preparing a new test flight, or, in other words, a chance to test some new features in the collection. This will happen in late February or early March.

We don’t know what is being planned, but we immediately would rule out the PlayStation platforms. Halo is one of the trump cards for Microsoft, and as such, making Master Chief arrive on Sony consoles would be highly unlikely. Microsoft trusts 343 Industries enough to allow 343 Industries to not rush Halo Infinite to launch in November 2020 – they got effectively an extra year to work on the game. The Nintendo Switch could be another option… but it would be too sudden. If it did happen, the hats off to 343 for keeping the port a secret!

This new test flight will include FOV (field of view) slider changes, keybinding and control revisions, mouse and keyboard support for consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S), and view model changes, along with the mysterious new platform. If we had to guess, we would only say three words: Epic Games Store. As Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a huge success on PC (no wonder: only the first two Halo games got PC ports, and even then, years after their console launch!), it would make sense to see Master Chief pop up on Tim Sweeney’s platform, too. (In Spartan style, he’d probably kick the office doors in…)

We’ll see. Halo Infinite will launch this autumn (Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC), so until then, the fans should get engaged by something. Maybe it’s a cloud version for iOS and Android…?

Source: VG247

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