Zorro: The Chronicles: A Masked Hero Goes From Cartoon To Game [VIDEO]

A multiplatform Zorro everywhere, and this time, it will be based on a cartoon series.

Bkom Studios is developing Zorro: The Chronicles for BTC Studios, and it will support multiple languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese). The game is adapted from Cyber Group Studios’ animated series Zorro: The Chronicles (it premiered in 2015) and is produced in collaboration with John Gertz’s Zorro Production Inc.

Here’s the overview by the publisher: „Don Diego de la Vega, the beloved son of a respected landlord, is returning to California after five long years in Spain. Longing for his father and sister Ines, his heart is filled with joy in anticipation of seeing them again and returning to his peaceful town. However, things are no longer the same as when he left. The town is now ruled by Captain Monasterio whose greed only rivals his ambition. Poor townspeople who cannot pay exorbitant new taxes are sent to jail, and their families are forced to work off the debt. The once joyful community is now a place of oppression and hopelessness.

Don Diego cannot stand the injustice he sees, but at the same time, he knows he cannot openly fight Monasterio and his soldiers. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don Diego acts upon the old Spanish saying, “If you can’t fight like a lion, become a fox”, and this is how the legend of Zorro is born!

Live a hero’s life, and fight for justice. Play as the legendary Zorro or his sister Ines. Develop your skills by unlocking better stats, new moves, and talismans. Master your fighting technique and become the best swordsman in Spanish California! Enjoy fun and rewarding swashbuckling combat featuring hilarious yet spectacular finishing moves. Choose your playthrough style. Adapt your approach to a wide variety of enemy types. Use ninja-like stealth to take your opponents by surprise, sneak around them to explore your surroundings, or engage them in action-packed sword fights. Enjoy beautifully designed, colourful locations. Explore the game’s world with eye-catching visuals as breathtaking as in Zorro: The Chronicles animated series,” BTC wrote.

Zorro: The Chronicles will launch this autumn on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam), Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and… even Google Stadia. But where’s the moustache?!

Source: Gematsu

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