Timesplitters 2: We Can Finally Access It In Homefront: The Revolution!

Indeed: Timesplitters’ second game in a 4K port was outright included in the game that was finished by Deep Silver Dambuster Studio. However, until now, we had no way to play it.

The story is a little complicated, but in short, the second Homefront game had a rough development history, and it also launched in a subpar format, but over time, it improved. It kept a secret to it, namely another game that nobody had access to, as the code to open it was lost. But Matt Phillips, a programmer on Rust at the moment, reminisced about it on Twitter.

„My proudest moment. Fully playable, native 4K port of TimeSplitters 2 hidden in this arcade machine in Homefront: The Revolution. The unlock code has been lost to time, I don’t have the notebook with it in any more. I once gave it to a friend to leak in some Discord channel and they called him a liar and banned his account ahahah,” he wrote. The twist here is that this friend showed up with a reply, revealing the code required, given you use an Xbox One controller: „You mean this code? LT+Up, LT+Up, Down, LT+Right, RT+Left, RT+B, LT+Y, LT+Y, RT+X, LT+A,” he said.

And it’s still not over: Lance McDonald shared four more codes! For Arcade mode, use LT+RT+Left, LT+RT+Down, LT+RT+Left, LT+RT+B, RT+Left, LT+RT+Left, LT+RT+Down, LT+RT+Y, RT+X, LT+A. To gain access to Challenge mode, do RT+B, LT+RT+Left, LT+RT+B, LT+RT+Down, LT+Right, LT+Up, LT+Y, LT+RT+A, RT+X, LT+A. The next two codes have no known effect at the moment: LT+RT+Down, LT+RT+Left, LT+RT+A,  RT+B, RT+Left, LT+Y, LT+Y, LT+RT+B, RT+X, LT+A; LT+RT+Down, LT+RT+Left, LT+RT+Y, LT+Right, RT+B, LT+Y, LT+RT+B, LT+RT+Down, RT+X, LT+A. The latter could possibly unlock cheats.

It’s nice to see the last mystery of Homefront: The Revolution coming to an end. We wouldn’t be surprised if its sales suddenly go up.

Source: PCGamer

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