Resident Evil: Village: From The Game’s Map To Mother Miranda

Thanks to IGN, we learned further details about Capcom‘s survival horror whose launch day isn’t that far anymore.

According to the map, which you can see below, four main locations are present in Resident Evil 8 (which is really what this game is, only the name is different): Castle Dimitrescu, House Beneviento, Heisenberg’s Factory, and Moreau’s Reservoir. The reservoir has an image of a monster, which is why we can presume that a boss fight will occur the first time we visit this place. Other locations within the village include Maiden of War, Cemetery, Luiza’s House, and Suspension Bridge.

Mother Miranda seems to have a cult within the village. According to Capcom, she is described as a „presence worshipped by the villagers.” This makes us think she might have some supernatural powers up her sleeves.  „For Mother Miranda, I think the players should find out for themselves by playing the game, but I’ll say this: Mother Miranda and the inner side of her character are extremely important factors in the game,” said director Morimasa Sato, who recently praised the PlayStation 5.

„The mask resembles a crow’s beak. As a symbol of horror, crows function as a theme for Village in its entirety as well, and they appear in the actual game. Since she has a symbolic role within the village, we implemented that same design theme for Mother Miranda,” Tomonori Takano, the art director, added. A crow design could work if it’s aced. Otherwise, it might be risky. We will see how she ended up shortly, though.

Resident Evil: Village will launch on May 7 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC (Steam, with Denuvo DRM), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We wonder how much the PS4/X1 ports have been cut back.

Source: PSL

resident evil village map

resident evil village map 2

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