Epic Games Put Up A Significant Offer For Sony’s Exclusive Games!

Tim Sweeney‘s company has offered a hefty amount of cash for Sony so that its first-party exclusives would show up on PC (and on the Epic Games Store, to be exact).

In 2019 and 2020, Epic Games promised about one billion dollars in advance for exclusives. For Borderlands 3, Tim Sweeney’s company has paid 115 million USD to Gearbox. Now, from the Epic Games vs. Apple case, we learned that Epic offered no less than two hundred million bucks for Sony so that 4-6 PlayStation exclusives would show up on the Epic Games Store (EGS)…

In the document, MG+ is short for minimal guarantee. In other words, Epic Games was guaranteeing this amount of cash for Sony. However, only two Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)-published titles showed up on EGS. ReadySet Heroes, which is still exclusive to EGS, and Predator: Hunting Grounds, which has received a Steam version since, after a year has passed. Thus, another agreement might have been made, and these two games could be leading up to the other titles that might be heading towards the EGS. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition had a simultaneous EGS and Steam version, and Days Gone will follow the same route. It’s plausible that Epic’s offer would have been for the bigger games (like Horizon Zero Dawn). Whatever happens, Sony has already invested in Epic Games twice.

Microsoft has quickly denied Epic Games’ offer, as they consider Sweeney’s company as a competitor via its EGS. The document that showed up on ResetEra mentions that Phil Spencer and Gabe Newell (the head of Xbox and Valve, respectively) have met at the time. And we know how it turned out: Microsoft is now gladly releasing its games on Steam. Regarding Nintendo, Sweeney’s team didn’t even bother. Good call on that.

So Epic Games is going all-out with its money, for now, to get somewhere. Still, we haven’t seen big SIE titles exclusively on the EGS yet, so unless something will come shortly, there might not be a big agreement.

Source: PCGamer

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