PlayStation Vita: The Game Over Still Happens This Summer

Despite the PlayStation Store remaining open on the PlayStation Vita, the developers still have an unfortunate situation.

Previously, we discussed how Sony has decided to keep the PlayStation Store open and accessible on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita (but the PlayStation Portable will see face its closure… but seeing how the handheld is nearly 17 years old, it makes sense, somewhat). Therefore, the Vita will keep the PlayStation Store open after August 27. And yet, there is still an issue that we need to mention…

The original plan was that the developers had until July 12 to submit games to the PlayStation Store. However, those who hadn’t already gone through Sony’s quality assurance processes had until July 6 to submit their titles, but with a caveat (Sony added they couldn’t guarantee games would get a review slot in time). The last day any PlayStation Vita games would be released is July 20.

According to Sometimes You on Twitter, this is still the case: „Sad news: it seems that the old deadlines for new digital releases on PlayStation Vita are still valid. That is, the store will continue to work for customers, but the games will stop coming out this summer.” And seeing how they are specialized in porting games (Unity, Ren’Py, and Defold titles ported to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation Vita), they know the situation better than us.

So for the developers, the situation is the same as we mentioned before: they still have to cancel some of their projects for the unfortunately ignored handheld in the West. Even if the PlayStation Store will remain open on the PlayStation Vita, they still won’t be able to release games there.

In other words, we are still in the same place as before.

Source: PSL

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