PlayStation VR 2: A New 4K Panel? New Rumours About The Next VR Headset

UploadVR provided some juicy rumours about the PlayStation VR 2, which has been officially announced by Sony.

According to the site, the next-generation PlayStation VR headset could include a 4K resolution panel, which would offer a total resolution of 4000 x 2040 (which is 2000 x 2040 for each eye). That’s slightly lower than what the HP Reverb G2, a recently launched VR headset can pull off (2160 x 2160 per eye, a total of 4320 x 2160). However, it’s above a reasonably popular VR device, the Oculus Quest 2, as Facebook’s headset’s resolution is 1832 x 1920 per eye (3864 x 1920 total).

UploadVR added that the headset might have inside-out tracking. In other words, you will not need any tracking device, such as a PlayStation Camera, as the headset itself would do it (the cameras are put inside the headset). There’s also word of a lens separation dial (which would be excellent for anyone outside of the average interpupillary distance range), as well as a vibration motor for haptic feedback, and the most exciting one of them all: gaze tracking for foveated rendering.

This technology is similar to what VRS (variable-rate shading) can do, where the developers can selectively reduce the shading rate in specific areas to have good performance. Foveated rendering could allow the developers for the PlayStation VR 2 to not run into performance issues that easily, as they can pretty much downsize the image quality outside our gaze. Finally, the PlayStation VR 2 is going to connect to the PlayStation 5 via USB Type-C (so it wouldn’t be wireless a la the Oculus Quest 2).

The PlayStation VR 2 is supposedly launching in 2022. None of the aforementioned details is official at the moment.

Source: WCCFTech

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