Returnal: Sony Considers It As A Successful, New IP, Housemarque Celebrates

The Finns have published a few interesting statistics about their PlayStation 5-exclusive title that launched a month ago.

In its recent Investors Day presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that after Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima, they have another new, successful IP in their hands in the shape of Housemarque‘s Returnal. This is a big move for the studio, as until now, they were creating smaller, arcade titles, and now, they have released an AAA experience (and this will be their focus, as we mentioned before), which has been somewhat overpriced by Sony (it launched for 70 USD, and in Europe, it got even more expensive: 80 EUR!).

Housemarque wrote the following on Twitter: „It’s been almost a month since our fantastic launch of Returnal! To celebrate here are some statistics showing how you are all adjusting to Atropos! Thanks for playing from all of us at Housemarque.” And let’s see the numbers: we spent 5.8 million hours playing Returnal, and we died 9.2 million times. However, the enemies died a bit more (1015.9 million deaths on their end). Most of the player deaths were caused by the enemy named Phrike, and the most used weapon so far was the Hollowseeker.

Housemarque also talked a bit about boss fights on the PlayStation Blog: „We’ve been very happy to see Returnal resonating so strongly with players, and this time we wanted to do a deep dive into one of our Bosses. In general, Boss battles have always been an essential test of skill for players in action games, and of course, they’ve been a strong staple of the Housemarque formula in our past titles as well. With Returnal we wanted to dedicate some time to create something special for our Boss encounters and provide players with some powerful and memorable moments. We’ve been thrilled to see that players have been enjoying our Bosses so far.”

What is next for them, though? They will do another AAA title, but can they surpass Returnal?

Source: PSL

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