Horizon Forbidden West: The Cross-Gen Development Wasn’t Limiting

Guerrilla Games claims that the fact they developed the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 did not mean a lot of issues for them.


„I don’t think the cross-generation development was limiting in any way. When we started with the concept of this game, we had so many great ideas that ended up being included – to the point that we didn’t think about hardware limitations or anything, we just wanted to design a nice, unique experience for the player. An awesome adventure. That’s how we also brainstormed all the quests and events the player is going to go through,” Mathijs de Jonge, the director of Horizon Forbidden West, told Hardware Zone in an interview.

He also mentioned that the graphics are the main difference between the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4 versions of the game: „I think that the big delta between these two consoles, apart from the 3D audio, quick loading and DualSense of course, is on the graphical side of things. On the PlayStation 5, we can add so much more detail graphically. We can see the tiny hairs on Aloy’s face, for example. You can also see a ton of detail from far away.” There will also be a Performance Mode on the PlayStation 5 that will focus on 60 frames per second.

And to GQ, he told that they spent a lot of time on the water techniques in Horizon Forbidden West: „Our engineers spent an incredible amount of time on the water rendering and wave techniques. They probably spent years on that. A lot of the places that we have on the map are now flooded, so you have these sunken cities that you can go into. There are also…I don’t want to go into too much detail on this, but there are also specific scenarios, quests and even activities where you have to go underwater to discover certain secrets or to help certain people.”

Horizon Forbidden West might launch this Holiday season on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but it might be pushed to early 2022.

Source: PSU, PSL

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