Bioshock: Big Daddy Had a Scary Face!

The Big Daddy of Bioshock have a face and thank goodness they have it covered in the game: they are scary! A conceptual artist of the saga drew the enemies of the saga, but we prefer them with a diving suit, really.


The setting of the Bioshock saga is one of its strengths. It was impossible not to feel a chill in the body seeing how gloomy the underwater city of Rapture was. And especially overwhelming to meet the Big Daddy, the protectors of the Little Sister, who are covered in armour and diving suits and will not hesitate to drill us if we cross their path. Although we have had to face them on many occasions – and even take control of one in Bioshock 2 – we have never seen his face … until now.

A strange conceptual art is circulating on the networks of what the face of the Big Daddy of the Bioshock saga would be like, whom we have only seen so far covered in their suit. As you can see below, it is difficult to define his face, shared by journalist Andy Kelly. Better that they go with a helmet because it has nothing to envy any other survival horror creature.

A curiosity that comes from one of the most mythical enemies of the saga created by Ken Levine and that has contributed so much to first-person adventure games since the premiere of its first instalment in 2007. As you probably already know, there are three instalments to date, the last being Bioshock Infinite.

What we do know is that there is a new Bioshock in development, with a new creative team. Although at the moment nothing has been officially shown. We’ll have to wait to find out if the Big Daddy’s will return there … and show their faces.

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