Shocking Information Has Come to Light About Bruce Lee!

MOVIE NEWS – You wouldn’t have guessed it about Bruce Lee, the legendary master of martial arts and Hong Kong action films!


The martial arts and Hong Kong action movie legend: Bruce Lee was a drug addict, he just kept it a secret – according to recently released letters that have exploded like a bomb on the Internet! Before his untimely death, the movie star wrote more than 40 messages to a fellow actor about his drug addiction.

The letters to Robert Baker reveal that he supplied Lee with drugs from 1969 until the star’s death in 1973 at the age of 32, including


cocaine, LSD and cannabis.


The letters were found at a flea market and are being auctioned in the United States for the equivalent of about 64.5 million forints.

While there have been whispers in Hollywood that Lee was a drug addict, the letters not only confirm this but also reveal just how addicted he was to drugs in concrete terms.


Baker, who died in 1993 at the age of 52, even risked shipping drugs from the United States to Lee while he was filming in Hong Kong. In 1972, Chinese-American Lee asked the Fist of Fury star to send him

“large quantities of cocaine.”

He explained that he was “stoned as hell” but that a little cocaine would help him get into character for an upcoming film role.

While he was filming Enter the Dragon in Hong Kong in 1973, his wife Linda wrote in his name, apparently asking for drugs.


In the letter, dated April 14, he added:“Don’t worry about Bruce using C – he doesn’t overdo it.”

A month later, Lee had a seizure and collapsed from brain swelling. He recovered but was found dead in his bed on 20 July 1973.

A spokesman for Heritage Auctions in Dallas said:“Bruce Lee is one of the most influential martial artists of all time and an icon of 20th century pop culture, and these letters show that he kept an explosive secret.”

Source : TheSun

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