Is Warner Preparing To Sell Two Of Its Studios?

NetherRealm Studios and TT Games might be heading towards the chopping block.


Jez Corden, an editor of Windows Central, said in a recent podcast that Warner is preparing for changes. By that, we don’t necessarily mean the fuse that is happening between AT&T and Discovery, but the fact that it could have the side-effect of offloading two studios to new owners. Namely, the ones behind Mortal Kombat and the LEGO games, respectively.

There has been uncertainty surrounding WB Games, and we have discussed them in the past. It’s not known how recent these documents are. Also, no suitor was named, but it wouldn’t be dumb to quickly think of Microsoft. The Redmond-based company has Windows and Office that give them a thick chequebook, and after acquiring ZeniMax Media (Bethesda!), these two studios would be but a dust particle for them.

But even Sony could be a potential customer for NetherRealm Studios. After all, Sony Interactive Entertainment is a joint owner of EVO, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, and Ed Boon’s team happen to work in this genre (as they also have Injustice as another recent IP for NetherRealm). Joining Sony Interactive Entertainment for them would make a lot of sense.

„I would guess that Warner Bros weren’t happy with the performance of the Mortal Kombat movie, [and] they weren’t happy with the performance of the LEGO movies. Also, the whole LEGO IP is licensed out of Denmark and that eats into their profits,” Corden said. It doesn’t make sense, though, as The LEGO Movie has made half a billion dollars in the box office, leading to several spin-offs and sequels.

None of this is official. NetherRealm Studios has stopped supporting Mortal Kombat 11, so they might be developing Injustice 3.

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