Tetris Effect: Connected Will Launch On More Platforms Shortly

One of the best Tetris games (other examples would be the Game Boy launch title, as well as Tengen’s take) will get an expanded update that will end its Xbox exclusivity.


Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s take on Tetris was released in 2018 on PlayStation 4 (with PlayStation VR support), followed by a PC and an Oculus Quest port. This game was a relaxing experience that kept players hooked, and it got an expanded version with the Connected subtitle. It launched in November of last year on Xbox consoles and the Microsoft Store. However, it will now be even playable on VR, Enhanced Games announced.

The base game will be updated to Tetris Effect: Connected on PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store, Steam, and Oculus Quest. On Steam, the game will launch with a 25% discount for two weeks after the game’s launch. If you buy the game in this window, you will also get the Digital Deluxe DLC, which contains „a seven-track soundtrack sampler by Hydelic, including the fan-favourite song “Connected (Yours Forever)” (previously only available for a limited time on PlayStation 4 and Epic Games as pre-order bonuses), eleven Tetris Effect-themed 4k PC desktop wallpapers, and seven Tetris Effect profile avatars.” The existing Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Microsoft Store versions of Tetris Effect: Connected will also be updated with cross-platform multiplayer.

Here’s what the update will bring: „Cross-platform play between all current versions of the game (Steam, PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store, Oculus Quest, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Store PC, including Xbox Game Pass). Bonus features include a new Spectator Mode, as well as PAL and “Slow” speed modes, coming to all versions of the game. New performance or fidelity graphic options to boost resolution for Oculus Quest 2 headsets. Remote Play available on the PlayStation 4 version. Skill Rating (SR) reset in all versions of the game to re-calibrate matchmaking between similarly-skilled players (FYI current SR will be immortalized on the game’s website). An explainer video covering everything in this release can be found here, courtesy of beloved Tetris YouTuber aGameScout.”

The cross-platform play is described as such: „Furthering the game’s goal of bringing people together in cooperation and competition, the Tetris Effect: Connected update will allow Friend Match players to invite owners of the game on other platforms to all play together, via a simple, shareable four-digit alphanumeric “Room ID” code. (Of course, players can also invite others on their same platform directly via that platform’s native invite system.)

In addition to breaking down barriers between friends, wherever they might choose to play, cross-platform play will maximize the player base for Ranked Matches, ensuring better matchmaking and more equivalent competition for players at all levels. Display of the Room ID can be disabled for those streaming their matches who wish to keep it private, and all platforms have the option of limiting themselves to players of their same platform. (Note: progress and achievements will not be shared across platforms.)”

What are the bonus features? „Spectator Mode (Friend Matches Only) – The Tetris Effect community’s number one most-requested feature! Between four and six additional players, depending on the multiplayer mode, can join a match to watch as spectators (and emote from the sidelines in real-time), adding flexibility and convenience for anyone hoping to run or stream tournaments, or simply making it easier to drop in and out of games with a group of friends.

PAL Speed (Classic Score Attack Mode, Friend and Local Matches Only) – A new option designed to replicate the feeling of the European PAL format of the Tetris game from the Nintendo Entertainment System, including a lower framerate, faster horizontal movement, and faster-dropping speed in later levels. Slow Speed (Zone Battle Mode, Friend and Local Matches Only) – The flip-side of the Hyper Fast mode, this option, well, slows things down, with a longer entry delay for new Tetriminos, slower Line Clear speeds and slower horizontal movement. Helpful both for beginner players and also for advanced pros who can use the delay for more effective stacking and more devastating Zone Attacks.”

Tetris Effect: Connected will launch on August 18 on PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, Steam, and Epic Games Store. The update will be free if you own the base game.

Source: Gematsu

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