Can the Dreaded Drifting on Steam Deck be Expected? Valve Answers!

“We have done a lot of testing so it doesn’t happen, however, it is inevitable that some components will fail at some point” – says Valve about Steam Deck: their newly announced handheld gaming device.


This week the video game industry has been revolutionized with the announcement of Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable console with which we can play all the titles in the library of the popular digital store from anywhere thanks to this new system. It will go on sale from December, but users have asked many questions about its operation, and one of them is about the dreaded drift, especially after all the problems that all platforms are having in this regard: Nintendo with the Switch Joy-Con. but also the Xbox Series and PS5 controllers.

On the matter, they have asked Yazan Aldehayyat, hardware engineer of the new Valve gadget, from the IGN media. And, in his words, we should be calm: “We have done a lot of reliability tests on all related fronts. I think Steam Deck will perform very well,” says one of the main people in charge of the project.

At the same time, he is also sincere and admits that “every part will fail at some point, but we think people are going to be satisfied and happy. I think they are going to perform very well,” says Aldehayyat. To avoid unnecessary problems, Valve confesses that they have used components that they already knew since they did not want to risk it.

An interesting bet and in which they have high hopes from Valve, who have said that they hope to sell millions of Steam Deck units. At the moment, a few hours ago the reservations were opened and the devices have flown. There will be three different models and we tell you everything in this link.

Source: IGN

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