Is PlayStation Home Returning On PlayStation VR 2?

PlayStation Home shows some suspicious signs, even though Sony has shut this service down several years ago.


PlayStation Home was a 3D, virtual social platform on PlayStation 3. It launched in December 2008, but Sony has closed it on March 31, 2015. But this platform isn’t suspicious because Sony updated the trademark for it. That is often the case with companies who simply try to keep the rights to a name they acquired previously.

The situation is a little more complicated: on Reddit, we can read that Sony updated PlayStation Home’s trademark a couple of days ago. That’s alright… but they did it for the SECOND time in a few months! There was a category update for the trademark application three months ago, which mentioned „organizing, staging, and the provision of online tournaments” and things like „TV, motion pictures, news, sports.”

But a month later, Sony also updated the trademark for Soho Engine, which makes it all interesting, as this was the technology used to run PlayStation Home. Both trademark applications were registered by the same Sony representative (Boult Wade, S.L.). The team who formerly worked on PlayStation Home and Soho Engine is now in the London studio, which recently revealed that it’s working on something with „huge potential.”

There’s also allegedly something VR-related in the works at this studio, which is why it makes sense to connect the dots and think that the PlayStation VR 2 could be facing a return of PlayStation Home. However, the mention of online tournaments is also interesting, as Sony has previously acquired EVO, so it might allow players to watch the fighting game tournament in VR via PlayStation Home.

Keep in mind that we are merely speculating at the moment. So it’s not official yet. We’ll see what Sony is doing.

Source: PSL

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