PlayStation Plus: What Games Are Available For August?

Another month has flown by, so it won’t be long before Sony has to swap July’s PlayStation Plus games to give players who paid for unlimited online multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 something extra for the last month of summer.


This month’s situation is somewhat funny, as, regarding one PlayStation Plus game, we already knew for a while that it will be free in August, but in the case of the other two titles, we saw a „leak” from an unexpected source a few days ago. We’ll quote ourselves: „The image below originates from the ResetEra forums, taken by the user with the handle Arubedo. It was taken on Sony’s official PlayStation Plus website. Don’t check it, as Sony has quickly (but not fast enough, as the press already got the subject) reversed the page to the titles available in July. Oh well, the screencap is here, and the „blue” company can’t deny it…

Mantisco, the South Korean developer of Hunter’s Arena: Legends, was previously confirmed to be the August PlayStation 5 title in the PlayStation Plus program, so we aren’t saying anything new here. (We discussed this game in detail before.)

And August will have two PlayStation 4 titles for the PlayStation Plus titles, but this month might have gone a little too niche, even going by Sony’s standards, so not many players might be interested in this pair of games. The first one is Tennis World Tour 2, which is somewhat recent, as it launched in September 2020, and it is a tennis game. The other title is from October 2019, and it is none other than Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.” So, are these the freebies for August?

Yes, but with a small change. So a quick recap: from Tuesday, the PlayStation 5 receives Hunter’s Arena: Battlegrounds, while the PlayStation 4 gets Tennis World Tour 2 and Planets vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville… as well as Hunter’s Arena: Legends! Until then, catch up with the July titles (PlayStation 5: A Plague Tale: Innocence; PlayStation 4: Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, WWE 2K Battlegrounds).

We’ve seen better.

Source: PS Blog

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