Port Royale 4 Strategy Game Sets Course for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with 4K Graphics – Date and Trailer [VIDEO]

Port Royal 4’s naval strategy and management set the course for the new generation.


Port Royale 4, the latest instalment of the veteran commercial management and naval strategy game arrived last year on PC and consoles with an interesting proposal for fans of the most classic strategy. The title of Kalypso took us to the Caribbean islands in colonial times, with addictive resource management and turn-based combat in which we will be in command of different ships, forming a fleet of ships guided by our great captains.

Today we know that our ships will be able to leave towards the new generation with a new visual section, lighting improvements, weather effects simulated in real time and intergenerational saving. These next-gen versions will also feature improved performance and resolution.

The title will come in the digital edition, both standard and expanded, the latter will have exclusive digital content: 4 lighthouses and plans for 5 parks for users to decorate their settlements. This Extended edition will also arrive in stores in physical format from the launch, on September 10 of this year and will be available for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and S.

The game features 12 million square kilometres of Caribbean islands to explore, trade, and battle with. We can establish our colony coming from Spain, France, England or the Netherlands, or on the contrary form a new sovereignty, raising our empire from scratch and defending it with our ships. If you are interested in knowing more about Port Royale 4, we encourage you to go through our analysis of the game.

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