Abandoned: Blue Box Wants To Release A Previous Game Before It

Abandoned story is starting to get far too convoluted and hard to understand…


So we have Abandoned, and we’ve been keeping an eye on the situation forming around it. We also recapped the story of the studio. In short: Blue Box Game Studios (plural doesn’t make sense, especially how they defend themselves as a small team) has seen none of its games reaching the finish line, including The Haunting.

Hasan Kahraman, the head and the face of the studio (as nobody else is willing to reveal themselves working there), gave an interview to IGN, indicating that the past projects of Blue Box were mostly part-time side projects that only a few people were developing. Their failure to launch was partially down to a lack of experience. But now, they are full steam ahead with Abandoned as a full-fledged title. But before that, Kahraman wants to release The Haunting: Blood Water Curse for free on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and those who bought The Haunting’s Early Access version will be offered Abandoned for free.

“I started working on The Haunting, and I think most of the components that I used are still being used, but it’s just that the concept has been changed from the ground up. The Haunting was like our Western version of Fatal Frame, with the camera, and shooting and stuff.

That’s basically what it is. It has some puzzles. We use some old school style exploration from horror games like Fatal Frame 1 and 2. The screenshots you see on Steam right now, that was a concept that we were working on. Still, it’s not that game,” Kahraman told IGN, admitting that Blue Box never intended for things to go awry, claiming that the studio would have benefitted from marketing and PR experience.

But even if Naughty Dog can’t handle developing two games simultaneously, how can Blue Box pull it off? It’s not common in the gaming industry. Not to mention how they had issues even releasing the app for Abandoned, let alone showcasing something new from the game.

Source: PSL

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