Classic MMORPG: Lineage returns with a new game; here’s the W trailer!

The new instalment of the South Korean MMORPG franchise Lineage will be based on an isometric view. It will feature artificial intelligence to help players from all over the world translate the language!


Lineage is one of the most popular free-to-play games in the MMORPG genre. After more than two decades and several instalments, including the successful Lineage 2, the saga has returned with a new title, Lineage W, which aims to conquer the global market. Lineage W will be trying to succeed when the MMO market is doing very well, with successes such as New World.



NCsoft has opted for an isometric view in this new release, as opposed to the classic third-person perspective we have become accustomed to in their previous releases, and they have focused in particular on online play. To do this, the South Korean company has introduced a global combat system that does not consider the players’ country of origin to fight side-by-side battles with people from other countries on the same server. NCsoft has developed artificial intelligence translation software to facilitate communication that allows players to communicate without language problems.



This system also supports speech-to-text functions, making it easier to create global communities. To overcome the obstacles, NCsoft has confirmed that the game will also support cross-play between PC and mobile and consoles. The game will be released in 2021 for PC, mobile devices, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Lineage was one of the games that came out after World of Warcraft became a huge success, although it is also true that afterwards, audiences were more interested in Eastern games such as Final Fantasy XIV.

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