The veteran of the Metal Gear Solid series is working on a brand new Konami game

Ikuya Nakamura is involved in a Konami development that we know almost nothing about yet, as it’s being kept under wraps for now… This secrecy is exciting!


Konami has had a turbulent past few years. Their policies were constantly changing, putting them in the crosshairs of many fans for not releasing new instalments of sagas such as Silent Hill, Castlevania and Metal Gear. Now, one of the veterans of the spy series is back in development with the Japanese publisher, shedding some light on what’s happening in the company’s in-house studios.

Ikuya Nakamura has worked in various roles on several instalments of the Metal Gear series. He has used his Twitter account to write in his bio that he is working on the project as a writer and designer, although he didn’t say what was about it. He is rumoured to be spearheading the reboot of the Metal Gear Solid series within Konami.



But let’s be patient and cautious with speculation. Other indications suggest that reboots of other franchises are in the pipeline, such as Silent Hill. Indeed, it should be remembered that Konami and Bloober Team, the creators of the horror game The Medium, have also signed a publishing deal for an unnamed project. But there is still a lot of secrecy surrounding Konami.

In any case, we’ll have to wait and see what project Nakamura, who most recently worked on Metal Gear Survive, is a strange spin-off in the series.

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