Lost Judgement Demo is Here! Sort of!

Lost Judgement, the sequel to the Yakuza Spin-off game Judgement, has just released a demo, but there’s a catch!


The demo is only available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the Japanese PlayStation Store. However, it does support English, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese language options.

The sequel is set in December 2021 and will feature two big locations, Kamurocho and Ijincho, with once again Takayuki Yagami returning as the protagonist. It will feature three fighting styles, Crane – which uses crowd control techniques, and Tiget which is suitable for one-on-one encounters; it will now feature a third technique, Snake, the best for counter-attacks against enemies.

Any progress from the demo can be transferred to the main game, so you can continue where you left off in the demo. The demo allows the player to experience the new investigation and battle systems.

Lost Judgment is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 24 worldwide. It also might be the last of the Judgement series if the rumours are believed to be due to issues with Takuya Kimura’s agency not wanting a PC port, and other difficulties between Johnny’s (the agency) and Sega.

Hopefully, that is not the case, but if sadly it is, we are hoping Lost Judgement goes out with a bang!


Source: Gematsu

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